How To Fix A Running Toilet In Your House

toilet installation 2014Are you wondering how to fix a running toilet in your house? So you go in your bathroom, and your toilet is still making the sound that indicates it is still being filled with water, and it won’t stop. What do you do? How to fix a running toilet is a skill every man and woman should have under their belt.

The good thing is, you don’t have to be very handy to fix a running toilet. You’re going to want to check to see if a simple fix can be performed to stop the leaking toilet.

The first thing you should do is check to see the status of the connection of the handle and stopper valve. A chain or other mechanism will be connecting the handle and the stopper. Pushing the handle is what opens the stopper valve.

This is the reason wiggling the handle will sometimes fix the problem when your toilet won’t stop running. Wiggling the handle however is not a permanent fix. In some cases the chain might be completely disconnected. This will cause the toilet to not be able to flush.

Fixing A Running Toilet In 2014

The next step you should take to solve the problem of how to fix a running toilet is to check the stopper valve. The stopper valve should sit into its spot and make a seal that stops water from leaving the tank. If the valve isn’t sitting properly, it will not create a full seal, so the toilet will waste water. In certain cases you may be able to tweak the hinge and get the valve to sit properly. If not, this is going to need to be replaced.

The third step you should take if the problem isn’t solved yet, is to check the float. Traditionally, the float is a big hollow ball at the end of a rod. This is to control the valve which fills the tank after it is flushed. Modern toilets have a float shaped like a donut. It is shaped like a donut because it slides up and down the overflow tube. When this float hits a certain level in the tank, it will shut the water valve. You’re going to want to make sure there isn’t a leak in the float. If it is leaking, it will need to be replaced.

toilet repair 2014If all of this work still hasn’t fixed the clogged toilet, you may need to replace some of the guts of the toilet unless the dilemma is caused by plumbing problems. The good news is that you can find specific toilet parts at any local hardware store. The following is what you should do if none of the above steps helped you solve the problem of how to stop a running toilet.

Disconnect the flushing handle from the inside stopper. This is going to be a chain mechanism most likely. There may be some calcium around the top of the drain tube. This will break off if you scratch it. you can also use vinegar to get the excess calcium off.

Next you should shut off the water. Since the valve below the toilet doesn’t get used very much you might want to use some vinegar and a toothbrush, or even a soft wire brush to clean it. After it is sufficiently clean you can close it tightly.

After this is done you can drain the tank. This is easily done by flushing the toilet and pulling the stopper upward. Of course the tank won’t refill itself because you’ve shut the water off.

Now you can loosen the supply hose. You’re going to want to loosen the hose at the valve using a normal traditional wrench. You can let the water drain into a pan you place underneath the work area. After this you can loosen that big plastic nut which is located under the tank. This is in the area where the supply hose enters. Now pull off the old stopper.

Now that you’ve removed everything you can see what needs to be replaced, and begin to install all your new parts. You can install the new parts by dropping it through the hole. You should now reattach the supply hose on the bottom of the tank. You should only tighten it with your fingers since it’s plastic connecting to plastic.

Next, reattach the faucet to the supply hose. And finally you can turn the water back on, and see if you notice any leaks. If there is, fix the leak after you turn the water off again.

If you install a new stopper, do so by pushing the plastic studs located on the overflow tube right through the soft rubber that is on the flapper. This should be an easy process. Don’t forget to attach the chain running from the toilet handle to the stopper. You should flush the toilet once or twice to see if it works. If it does, congratulations, you’ve just fixed your toilet without hiring a plumber.

It is important to remember that the problem with your running toilet is probably a simple fix. But even if jiggling the toilet handle fixes the problem, remember that this is not a permanent solution. This problem will happen over and over again, and further investigation is necessary.

Running Toilet 2014To reiterate, the steps on how to fix a running toilet, in order, are as follows. You’re going to want to take off the toilet tank lid. This is easy. Usually the lid is just setting on the top. Next, check the overflow tube. If water is flowing over into the tube, you know that something is not right. Most likely the fill valve isn’t shutting off properly and needs to be fixed. Next, make sure the flapper chain is attached. Sometimes it can get stuck to other components in the toilet.

A simple adjustment will fix this. Next, inspect the flapper to make sure it is still making a full seal. If you put food coloring in the tank, and wait a few minutes, and the color makes its way into the toilet bowl, you know that the seal is the problem. Hopefully these instructions will help you discover how to fix a running toilet.

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